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Estonian Seed Association was founded on 30th March 2006 by 14 entrepreneurs and individuals from seed sector. The object of the association is to give more appreciation and value to certified seed, varieties and breeding. We find that exchanging experiences, giving advice, seeking for opportunities and finding alternatives; explaining, discussing and calculating make it possible to direct farmers’ way on thinking, protect plant variety owners’ rights and teaching newcomers.

Today we have 36 members from all over Estonia. Please find here LIST OF OUR MEMBERS.

Certified seed

Estonian Seed Association unites certified seed producers and sellers to increase the usage of certified seed in Estonia. Certified seed is professionally produced, with high quality and from variety that is suitable for growing profitably in our area. The seed has gone through state departments check system to make sure it’s pure from diseases and more resistant to pests and climate changes – assuring that usage of certified seed makes farming more environmentally friendly.


We take part in working out legislation and requirements that are related to seed producing, breeding and seed market. We represent our members in communicating with national authorities. Our voice is heard and considered with.


Our association creates possibility to cooperate for companies, that might be in competition on the market on other times. Without interfering in our members businesses, we can develop the common part of their activities to increase each individual competitiveness.


Estonian Seed Association is member of Euroseeds (former European Seed Association), that unites national associations of member states and also other companies from seed sector. Euroseeds is active in Brussels, working with variety breeding and seed sector legislation topics at European Commission.

Joining the association

We are open to every company or individual, that produces, represents, is packing or selling seeds in Estonia or is otherwise connected to before mentioned activities. We acknowledge, that cooperation is the key to our sectors successful future.
Most of our members are registered in Estonian Business Register. From international companies, we accept into our membership such, that have filial in Estonia or local representatives working here.

With interest to join our association, please write All member candidates must fulfill membership application